Open Review of Management, Banking and Finance

«They say things are happening at the border, but nobody knows which border» (Mark Strand)

Juridical Implications of Neuromarketing at-a-glance: from Consumer Protection to Financial Perspectives

by Ettore Maria Lombardi* and Diego Rossano** ABSTRACT: Modern techniques of monitoring brain functioning – not simply to design efficient advertising contents – are used by neuromarketing. Because it has … Continue reading


A Reasoned Approach for the Regulation of Systemic Risk Generated by FinTech: Recognize It

by Vito Bevivino* and Gianni Lo Schiavo** ABSTRACT: FinTech companies are particularly vulnerable to adverse shocks, have multiple transmission channels through which such shocks can spread among market players not … Continue reading


Covid-19 and the Russian Ukrainian conflict. An update and outlook for Italian banks

by Jacopo Paoloni* and Madjid Tavana** ABSTRACT: In the last two years the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, have severally impacted the Italian socio-economic system as well asexacerbated the weakness of its banking sector. In the … Continue reading


Protecting The EU’s financial interests: from the very beginning to the birth of The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO)

by Giovanni Barrocu* – Laurent Posocco** ABSTRACT: EPPO’s first annual report shows that 2,832 crime reports have been processed, 576 investigations opened since June 1, 2021, 515 investigations active as … Continue reading


Cryptocurrencies, between money, currency, means of payment and financial product. an alternative financial tool?

by Leopoldo Esposito* – Hajdú József** ABSTRACT:  The jurists’ task, as well as the purpose of this paper, is to deepen and understand the innovations offered by technology. On the … Continue reading


The public intervention on cryptocurrencies between innovation and regulation.

by Valerio Lemma * Abstract: This paper concerns the recent public interventions for the regulation of cryptoassets, considering the evidences arising from current development of cryptography and telecommunication technologies and … Continue reading