Open Review of Management, Banking and Finance

«They say things are happening at the border, but nobody knows which border» (Mark Strand)


by Marcello Minenna ABSTRACT: Ten years into the global financial crisis, the euro area is struggling to get back on a path of stability and growth. Apart from international factors, … Continue reading


The disruption effect of blockchain and the future scenarios of contracting in the digital era.

by Ana Gascòn Marcèn and Claudia Marasco Abstract: The article analyzes the inadequacy of blockchain’s reference regulatory framework, in relation to its potential applicability to some crucial areas of law … Continue reading


Impediments to resolvability: critical issues and challenges ahead

by Marco Bodellini Abstract: This paper analyses the impediments to resolvability, distinguishing between exogenous (or architectural) impediments and endogenous (or stricto sensu) impediments. They are both obstacles that can hinder … Continue reading


An analysis of the resolution regimes for failing banks in Russia

by Ilya A. Goncharenko and Gennadi P. Tolstopyatenko   Abstract: This article discusses the regulatory framework of resolution regimes for failing banks in the Russian banking sector. It includes an … Continue reading


The regulation of fintech banks: questions and perspectives.

by Valerio Lemma Abstract: This analysis concerns the regulation of fintech banks, having regard to the possibility of a business model in which the production and delivery of banking products … Continue reading


Technological innovation in creditworthiness assessment

by Antonio Davola Abstract:  Consumer scores describe individuals or groups in order to predict, on the basis of their data, behaviors and outcomes. Scores use information about consumer characteristics and … Continue reading