Open Review of Management, Banking and Finance

«They say things are happening at the border, but nobody knows which border» (Mark Strand)

The Corporate Interest of Banking Institutions

by Andrea Sacco Ginevri    Abstract: This article explores the notion of the “corporate interest” of banking entities in light of the recent evolutions in thelegal framework (such as CRD … Continue reading


The governance of the energy market: universal access to energy and energy poverty

by Laura Ammannati (*) Abstract:  Energy, and access to energy, are essential for human life and development. A number of energy issues – including energy security, energy prices, and the … Continue reading


Thoughts on Brexit and first evaluations on the results.

by Mirella Pellegrini Abstract: This Article mainly analyses the impact of the “leave” success on the economic stability and, more in particular, on the European Financial System. Starting from a … Continue reading


UK referendum and Brexit hypothesis (The way out perspective and the convenience to ‘remain united’)

by Francesco Capriglione Abstract: This paper concerns the position of the United Kingdom in the framework of diversity that characterizes the European Union, by focusing on the uncertainty caused by a referendum on the … Continue reading


The impact of the bail-in on banking services and bank funding

  by Vincenzo Troiano and Gregorio Consoli Abstract: This paper examines the main implications for bank services and bank funding that arise from the introduction of the Bank Recovery and … Continue reading


General Principles of Law

by Guido Alpa Abstract: this article identifies the functions performed by general principles is arbitrary, as is the categorisation, creation and identification of principles in the law in force. The findings of this … Continue reading