Open Review of Management, Banking and Finance

«They say things are happening at the border, but nobody knows which border» (Mark Strand)

New economic challenges for managing disease prevention and monitoring

by Pablo Collazzo – Mauro Romanelli – Paola Briganti – Paolino Fierro – Davide de Gennaro Abstract: Managing disease prevention and monitoring its progression benefits professionals facing the challenge of … Continue reading


Being a banking director: regulatory difficulties between sanctions and interlocking directorates

by Valerio Lemma and Susan Clements Abstract: This paper analyzes the possibilities of an adverse selection perspective in the market of banking managers due to both the restatement of sanctions and … Continue reading


How motivation brings to healthy organizations: methods and incentives to increase satisfaction, efficiency and productivity

by Angela Domenica Frusciante, Mohammed Elshendy and Nunzio Casalino Abstract: Motivation is a process consistent of several factors that make employees continually interested and committed in their job: it is done … Continue reading


The voice of stakeholders in large corporations under the Italian legislation of the last 10 years.

by Raffaele Lener Abstract: Following the reform of 2003, the Italian company law system is very open and flexible and is one of the most modern in Europe. Indeed, the … Continue reading


Mind the Gap: Expectations on the Role of UK Non-Executive Directors

by Jonathan Liu and Tomas Andersson Abstract: Notwithstanding the important role non-executive directors’ play in corporate governance and the increasing attention they receive from regulators, research on non-executives is still in … Continue reading


Managerial governance and transparency in public sector to improve services for citizens and companies

by Nunzio Casalino and Peter Bednar Abstract: Recent debate and associated initiatives dealing with public sector innovation have mainly aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the delivery of public … Continue reading