Open Review of Management, Banking and Finance

«They say things are happening at the border, but nobody knows which border» (Mark Strand)

Technological innovation in creditworthiness assessment

by Antonio Davola Abstract:  Consumer scores describe individuals or groups in order to predict, on the basis of their data, behaviors and outcomes. Scores use information about consumer characteristics and … Continue reading


Being a banking director: regulatory difficulties between sanctions and interlocking directorates

by Valerio Lemma and Susan Clements Abstract: This paper analyzes the possibilities of an adverse selection perspective in the market of banking managers due to both the restatement of sanctions and … Continue reading


The “preparation” function in the new banking legislative framework

by Vincenzo Troiano – Andrea Sacco Ginevri [[1]] Abstract: This Article examines certain issues arising from the new regulation on bank crisis recovery and resolution, and specifically the so-called “preparation” function, … Continue reading


Banking market and the lack of clients’ protection. Paper from the conference «Bail-in and protection of savings»

by Aldo Angelo Dolmetta  Abstract: In November 2015, the Italian Government started a «resolution procedure» involving four central-Italy banks, which were basically insolvent. In doing so, it applied the «burden sharing principle», … Continue reading


The impact of the bail-in on banking services and bank funding

  by Vincenzo Troiano and Gregorio Consoli Abstract: This paper examines the main implications for bank services and bank funding that arise from the introduction of the Bank Recovery and … Continue reading


Concluding remarks of a conference on ‘Diversity and gender equality in the banks’.

 by Francesco Capriglione [i] Abstract: Both academics and practitioners have been often involved in the long-standing discussion on gender parity. This paper – which reports the conclusions of a recent … Continue reading