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«They say things are happening at the border, but nobody knows which border» (Mark Strand)

Raffaele Mattioli: a european banker

by Mirella Pellegrini Abtract: This paper reflects a speech held on  a day of celebration held in memory of one great and an enlightened banker: Raffaele Mattioli. The key elements of Raffaele … Continue reading


Thoughts on Brexit and first evaluations on the results.

by Mirella Pellegrini Abstract: This Article mainly analyses the impact of the “leave” success on the economic stability and, more in particular, on the European Financial System. Starting from a … Continue reading


UK referendum and Brexit hypothesis (The way out perspective and the convenience to ‘remain united’)

by Francesco Capriglione Abstract: This paper concerns the position of the United Kingdom in the framework of diversity that characterizes the European Union, by focusing on the uncertainty caused by a referendum on the … Continue reading


Recovery plans in the context of the BRRD framework

by Vincenzo Troiano Abstract: the BRRD contributes to the establishment of the new EU regulatory framework on the measures to be adopted for the prevention and early intervention in the … Continue reading


The final seller’s right of recourse in a french-italian perspective.

by Alejandro M. Garro and Ettore M. Lombardi Abstract: This article deals with the action of recourse stressing the importance of a comparative view. Although the main priority of Directive 1999/44/EC’s … Continue reading


The EU-wide stress tests: a storm before a “new order” of the financial market. The Italian Case.

 by Francesco Capriglione Abstract: European banks have been recently evaluated by the ECB’stress tests, which verified their level of efficiency. The checks on the so-called ‘systemic’ credit institutions indicate their ability … Continue reading